Monday, September 2, 2013

Guilty As Charged

I'm sitting here wondering why the heck I decided this as one of my daily topics for this challenge. I had to really sit and think about what a guilty pleasure was. I had to really dig deep. Not because I'm so straight and narrow that I don't do anything worth talking about but when you become a mom so much of your life changes. Everything that you once did has been replaced by all things baby. At least that's how it is with me. When I realized what my guilty pleasure was, I've got to say. I'm a little bit embarrassed. Ha!

Drum roll please! My guilty pleasure is......... Shopping for my kid. Sad I know. My guilty pleasure isn't even something that has to do with me. I just chalk this up to me being a really good mom. ~_~ it is true though. The thrill I get from buying my baby cute clothes and having someone compliment them is my new favorite thing. When I score a piece that I know is hard to find its like hitting the jack pot. When I say that baby fashion is my new found passion I'm not lying. There is something really gratifying about finding good, stylish clothes for a boy. All you hear is how there aren't any good places to shop for a boy.. Well guess what?? I can find you some places! 

Instead of sneaking a snickers every night before bed or going for a weekly massage this is what thrills me. I know a lot of women say that some women lose themselves when they have a baby but I don't contribute this to that at all. I think it really helped me find myself. It introduced me to a passion for styling and I couldn't be more happy. 

Well there it is. This is making me realize how boring I am. Time to go do something with my life. Haha! Happy Labor Day Folks! I hope you all have a fabulous and safe holiday. 

Again if you are participating in this challenge leave your links below in the comments! If you could all be a gem and visit each others pages that would be great. I want this to be a fun way to meet other bloggers and for us to all learn more about each other! 



  1. I think most of us ig moms have this Guilty pleasure :) I finished mine (late like usual) :)

  2. JERIKA! I wrote that as my guilty pleasure too! :) Too funny... I don't indulge in much anymore. My guilty pleasures don't happen anymore because I don't have time.... I don't even shop for myself anymore because I'd rather spend the money on him! :)

  3. I love shopping for Aiden, but I don't get to indulge at all like I wish I could. I'm broke and jobless, so whatever I rarely get to spend, I spend on baby bear. I love getting to see how you dress up Baylor. You so good at styling him!

    Here is the link to my guilty pleasure

  4. What a fun a cute challenge!! Love your little's style! Your guilty pleasure benefits us all who love looking at an adorably styled baby!! So Thank You, hehe :)