Friday, December 6, 2013

Facts About My Pregnancy

There is a game going around Facebook of women sharing random facts about their pregnancies. I thought it would be fun to do a blog post about some random facts of my pregnancy with Baylor. 



1. I didn't even think it was a possibility to be pregnant until my boss told me I needed to go get a test. I was really really tired and kept blaming it on me not being able to recover from a recent vacation. 

2. I was pregnant when we went on vacation and had no clue. We went on a deep sea fishing trip and I was throwing up the whole time. It never crossed my mind that I was sick because I was pregnant. 

3. I felt Baylor hiccup in my belly really early but didn't realize it was what I was feeling until later. I felt dumb after I realized what the weird "thump" in my belly was all that time. 

4. When I started feeling Baylors kicks I would flinch every time until I got used to it. 

5. We had no idea what we were going to name Baylor as they were getting me ready to start my labor. I remember sitting in the hospital bed before they let Shane back with me and texting him "Holy crap! We have to figure out a name!" 

6. I was so swollen the last few months of my pregnancy. I didn't really leave my house it was so bad. 

7. I didn't get to labor at all. They put me on meds to bring down my cervix and Baylor's heart rate dropped so I immediately went back for a c-section. 

8. I craved sour stuff my whole pregnancy. 

9. I unwillingly had to become a vegetarian for most of my pregnancy because I couldn't stand the site, smell, and texture of meet. Just looking at chicken (even cooked) made me want to vomit. 

10. I nested A LOT while pregnant. I wish I had the energy, motivation, and time I had to clean and cook like I did when I was preggo. 

So.. Share with me some random things about your pregnacy! I love to read about the crazy things that pregnancy can bring. Haha! 


  1. awe so far i've been so un-motivated the last 17 weeks. all i want to do is lay on the couch and sleep. ha ha during my thanksgiving vacation, i took 4 naps in one day.

    thanks for sharing dear.

  2. Beautiful photo! I crave things I usually never consume... milk, fish, peanut butter and sweets! Luckily I was only really nauseous for 2 weeks straight which ended in tears from discomfort. My husband almost cried when we found out we weren't having a boy. I left naming our girl to him so he can be a part of the pregnancy too. He chose Molly. ♡

  3. I ate waffles everyday when I was pregnant with my son Max! I also was in labor for 13 hours and then they made me have a C/S :( Not fun! Love your maternity pics!!!