Thursday, October 17, 2013

A week in outfits

So with all the standing up that my boy has been doing I've been having so much fun photographing his outfits. I've had so many questions about his clothes so I decided to go ahead and post them here as well with sources to the pieces. 

Crazy 8 pullover | Joe Fresh jacket - in stores only| Baby Gap pants | aviator hat | Freshyly Picked moccs - Elk Hide 

A little update on my previous posts : Baylor is about 95% recovered from his bronchitis. He still coughs every now and then but he is back to his old self and has turned into quite the mischievous little boy since feeling better. I am still waiting for my appointment with the cardiologist. The wait and unknown is killing me. I feel terrible. The swelling is so bad to the point where I'm not sure how much longer I can take it. I'm trying to stay strong and stand my ground. I am a strong person and I know I will overcome this. Thank you for the continuous outpouring of love and support. You guys are what keep us going. 


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  1. i just love his outfits! makes me want to have a boy so bad! :)