Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Day in the Life - Part 2

It's fun that you guys get to see what our day kind of looks like. I think you will find that we aren't near as exciting as we seem. Our days starts when Shane leaves for work around 7ish. We sleep a little later and then get up for breakfast. 

Apples with peanut butter and Nutella for mama. And iced coffee of course! Bananas and apple juice for bay. Sometimes after breakfast Baylor will have a nap. Today he wasn't having it so he played for a while. 
Play time while mama.....
Washes bottles! Ugh. I never knew how many bottles a formula fed baby goes through a day until we started weaning.. Let me just say.. Washing so many bottles everyday sucks! 
While Baylor still jumps and plays I hurry and get ready for the day. We get dressed. Today we had a few errands to run so my mom came over and we headed to town. 

Selfie time! 
Cheap Chinese for lunch with Mimi and Bay! 
"Mama, I want some rice!" 
And then off to Walmart we go.. 
I spent too much. Grocery shopping is the only form of shopping I hate. 
Obligatory coffee post-Walmart trip. 
Playtime for mommy and Bay! We take a stroll, water the plants, and watch daddy work a few lots down. 
Little people laundry. I prefer this over big people laundry! 
Daddy is homeeeeeeee! We make dinner now. I forgot to take pictures. Tonight we had ribeye, asparagus, and yeast rolls. 
Mister man had broccoli and carrots. 
Bath time for all of us. 
And lastly we crawl into bed for some family time. We normally end the day watching a movie. 

I know our day is pretty boring but what do you expect? I'm a stay at home mama. Ha! I try to get out of the house as much as possible to keep Baylor occupied. So that's it! I hope we didn't bore you too much! 

See you guys tomorrow! 

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  1. Love this! Your laundry basket is so cute! Mine is plastic and white and ugly!!!! Lol I finally got to my day in the life, hope you get a chance to read :)