Monday, July 8, 2013


If you follow me on Instagram you know that I am developing a serious passion for baby fashion. Especially baby fashion for a boy. In the beginning of my pregnancy I remember thinking to myself that I didn't need to have a boy because I wouldn't know what to do with one. I wouldn't know how to dress a boy. I wouldn't know where to find good clothes for a boy. I just convinced myself it would be a disaster if I had a boy. Well I had a boy. I'm slowly learning where to go and what to buy and I'm literally having the time of my life finding good pieces for him to wear.

I am all about affordability when it comes to dressing Baylor. Babies grow fast and I don't have the funds to buy and buy and buy things that he won't be able to wear long. My way of getting around this is finding items that are versatile. Before I buy something I think about all the different ways he can wear it. If the possibilities are endless then of course I get it.

With all of this being said I've decided to share with you guys three different outfits styled with one key piece in every outfit. I have completely fell in love with biker shorts for summer. I have a serious obsession with leggings and these shorts are the perfect compromise. All of the patterns we know and love and the great fit that these acquire just cut off and made into shorts. I'm sold! I found the most adorable biker shorts at Inspired By Tess and of course had to get them immediately. Here are three different outfits styled with the same pair of biker shorts from the shop. Hope you love them!

Shirt 32nd&elm  // Shorts Inspired By Tess // Moccs Freshly Picked Limited Edition Copper

Hat Old Navy  // Shirt H&M // Shorts Inspired By Tess // Moccs Freshly Picked Ivory 

 Shirt Next  // Denim Shirt Old Navy old // Shorts Inspired By Tess // Moccs Freshly Picked Limitied Edition Copper

And of course my boy in one of the styled outfits! He's going to be 5 months this week y'all. I might cry. 

Stay tuned for more baby boy stylings and maybe even some toddler girls stylings! I'm officially obsessed with baby fashion. 

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  1. I totally agree with you, boys are so much fun to dress. I keep finding small buisnesses with the cutest boy clothes! I love having a boy! ;)

    Nessa's World