Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beach Bummin'

I'm not going to lie.. I was a bit terrified of taking a four month old baby to the beach. Between the long drive, worrying about forgetting things, and just the general craziness of having a four month old baby, I was a wreck! But Baylor being the super chill baby that he is made it a breeze.

I was worried that he'd hate the beach. I was worried that we'd be cooped up in the condo because he was just not loving it. I was planning on it all being a total bust but it all turned out great. He sat on the beach with us all day in the shade and napped and played. 

A few dos and donts for your first trip to the beach with a little one-- 


1. Over pack - I packed a whole small suitcase full of clothes for Baylor. He only wore maybe 4 outfits the whole trip. I packed probably 20. Lesson learned. 

2. Worry about forgetting things - this is why I over packed. Chances are if you forgot something you can pick it up at the local supermarket. Just for Baylor I packed 4 bags. FOUR people! Totally unnecessary. 

3. Don't pack the pack and play.. Just don't. Unless your baby sleeps in one at night just forget about it. I stressed about packing ours and it didn't even leave the case. You know you are not about to haul that heavy thing down to the beach. Just forget about it. 

4. Last but not least.. DON'T STRESS. This was my biggest thing. I was hot mess with packing and driving down there and worrying about him the whole time. About halfway through the trip I realized I was acting crazy and just sat back and enjoyed the trip. Best decision ever. 


1. Do pack your pump. If you breastfeed of course. I've always supplemented with Baylor. So since he was out and about with his grandparents a lot I didn't nurse him much. Thank god for the pump. 

2. Do pack baby powder. Its great for helping get all th sand off. 

3. Do let your babe play in the sand. Bay is only 4 months old and loved the sand. At first, him getting all sandy stressed me out but seeing him have fun was worth it. 

4. Do bring help! If you are planning on just going you, the hubby, and the babe just forget about it. My parents, my sister, and my granny all went on vacation with us so we had plenty of help when it came to Baylor it was great. Plus he loved getting to spend quality time with his peeps. 

Now for the cuteness.. Get ready people.. These photos involve a baby in a speedo. It gets a bit out of hand! 

Baby speedo from H&M 

Biker shorts from Inspired by Tess on Etsy 
Oh yeah.. He learned to tripod. Cue the tears! 

Coming up in the next week.. A few products we love and some OOTD posts! Get excited! 

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