Friday, August 17, 2012

Contemplating nursery..

Of course I have been thinking about nursery ideas since Day 1 but I figured I should probably start pulling all of my ideas together. I'm still back and forth on what kind of nursery I want. Rustic? Clean and Classy? Colorful? Gender neutral?
So, here are my thoughts so far..

White Crib - I like the Jenny Lind crib from target.. Trying to look into other options though. I found a picture of a vintage crib that was TO DIE FOR! Too bad its vintage and most likely one of a kind :(
Tissue poms - I'm obsessed! Boy or girl.. My baby will have tissue poms in their room!
Classy chandelier - Almost every nursery example that I like have the most beautiful chandeliers!
Big white textured rug - Preferably furry! The nursery won't have carpet.. So, what more do you need than a furry rug to cozy up the place?

This is my favorite so far I think!

I've been trying to stay as neutral as I possibly can.. But mostly looking at rooms that work for boys. Of course I have wayyyyy more ideas so these are just the ones that I keep going back to! :) What do you guys think?! Suggestions greatly appreciated!!!

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