Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Humbled Hearts Daybook

A couple of months ago my friend Jillian, of Hazel Berry Paper, emailed me about her newest project. 

We talked about our needs to step away from social media, dig deeper into the word of God, and focusing on spiritual peace. She explained to me that she had this idea of creating a Daybook where we could have a place to write down our notes regarding prayer requests, scripture, and anything else that comes to mind when focusing on our walk with God. When I heard her idea I automatically got so excited for two reasons. 1. Because my dear friend had this beautiful idea and 2. Because this Daybook is something that I soooooo need in my life. 

The Humbled Hearts Daybook

It's easy to tell someone that you are praying for them but then it slips your mind. It's easy to push aside the things that are on your heart. It's easy to be fearful of things without ever saying it out loud. It's easy to look over the tiny blessings that each day brings. It is easy to focus on the losses instead of focusing on the triumphs. 
Jillian has created a book that will not only help you grow spiritually but also emotionally. There are sections in the book that encourage you to write down your fears, your goals, your praises, and so much more. 

For me, this is such a necessity. To have a place of reminders on the things that I need to pray about, the things that I want to learn more about, and physically write down the things that I am so grateful for. I love how Jillian put it, "It is a cozy home for the beautiful, the messy, and the grace filled life we live."

I hope you will join Jillian on this adventure by preodering a Daybook, where you can be challenged to dig deeper into your relationship with Jesus. 

Pre-orders open tomorrow, October 24th. Visit to meet Jillian, learn her reasons for creating this book, and to preoder your copy!

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