Monday, September 30, 2013

Lesson learned

It's 10:10 on September 30th. Even though I didn't do every single day of this challenge I had so much fun doing it. I loved being able to learn more about all of you fabulous ladies who did this with me. I think I learned a lot about myself after doing this challenge. Mostly, I learned that this blog is a great way for me to get things off my chest and I need to start focusing more on writing and sharing more about our daily lives. I also learned that I need to start visiting more blogs more often. Surfing through you guys' blogs was seriously so much fun! I'd love to follow all of you guys on Bloglovin' so leave your links in the comments! Thanks again to all of the ladies who participated even if it was only for a few days. 



  1. :) Thanks for hosting this challenge! :) I fell off on the end, too!

  2. thank you for getting me started with my blog, and hosting the challenge so i had some topics! i too fell off there at the end, but i had fun doing it!!!