Friday, September 13, 2013

If I had to..

If I had to move somewhere I know I for sure would like to move where the culture is different from where I live now. If I moved somewhere within the United States I'd definitely move north maybe. Somewhere where you get to experience all four seasons. In Louisiana it feels like summer is a year long and you get winter just for a few weeks. I love summer but its not comfortable here. The heat gets so bad, plus the humidity. It's pretty awful. Now don't get me wrong I love it here, I'd just like to experience some thing different.

If I had to move to a different country I'm thinking I'd go to Australia. I've never been there so all of what I'm about to say is based off of assumption. Ha! It's seems like a lovely place to live. It looks gorgeous. The lifestyle seems simple. That's the kind of place I'd like to be. 

How amazing does it look there?! I could be totally wrong about Australia but it seems nice. 

If you had to move, where would you move to? 

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