Sunday, September 8, 2013

Blogs I Love

I have so many blogs that I adore. It's hard to pick just a few. I follow so many blogs and bury myself in reading them daily. So here's my list!

// The Wiegand's  by Casey Leigh. She is a beautiful woman of God. Her faith and her family inspire me. She seems like she would be a wonderful person to meet.

// The Daybook by Sydney Poulton. Her blog was the very first blog I ever subscribed to. She has impeccable style and her son is adorable.

//Little Baby Garvin by Jessica Garvin. This chick is funny! And crafty. And well amazing! Love this blog.

// Min_e Style by three amazing stylish mamas. This blog is all about children's fashion so of course I love it!

These are just a few of my favorites! I could list blogs all day long. Leave your link below so we can check out your favorite blogs too!



  2. The Daybook is my fave! I like that she still does tons of style posts and her blog didn't turn 100% baby when she had her son.

  3. I love love love Little Baby Garvin!!