Thursday, June 13, 2013

Back at it

Hi friends! 

How long has it been?! A year? Feels like it. 

For some reason I feel like I've been caught up in life. You know the feeling.. Like you have a million things going on but you really don't. That's me right now. I don't know if its because Baylor is older and more alert now. Or maybe it's because it feels like Shane is working more so day time is full of Baylor and nighttime is family time. Who knows.. All I know is it seems like I've been overwhelmingly busy. 

Hopefully I'm back now and I won't need a long break like I've had in a while. It's so nice to be able to retreat to this blog and talk about what's been on my mind. 

In other news Baylor is 4 months old today!!! Where has the time gone?! Be on the lookout for his 4 month update within the next couple of days. We also are going on vacation in a few days so there will be lots of pictures to share from that! Lots of exciting things happening. 

Talk to you guys soon! 

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  1. I'm just now finding you on Blogger (long time IG follower!) ;) I'm glad you're blogging and letting us see more of your beautiful family! :) Blogging definitely gets tricky and is always just adding another thing to do BUT it's great to document it all. I'll keep you accountable and you me, okay?! ;)