Thursday, May 2, 2013

Forced to run

Today I woke up feeling good. So I decided Baylor and I would go for a walk. I went outside to check the weather and noticed it being a little dewy but I figured as it got later that would fade. Well we got down the road and it started to rain. Ugh. So I pulled the cover on Baylor's stroller over him and took off back to my house. My leisurely walk turned into a full on sprint to the house. Now I'm sore and can barely walk.

On the flip side I think this was my wake up call. I haven't done any type of working out since I had Baylor. I blamed it on my c section but I think it was honestly just lack of motivation. Or maybe it was the s'mores pop tarts and Criminal Minds marathons that was to blame. Either way I've decided. I've gotta get back in shape! No more excuses. Pre baby weight here I come! Maybe. Hopefully.

All the new mamas out there need to help keep me in line or maybe even join in in my vow to be more active everyday! Our babies deserve to have their mamas be at their best. Here's to a better us!

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  1. ahhh.. i'm right there with you! i have 19 lbs. to lose!

    i started the squat challenge two days ago.. i'm posting about it today.