Friday, May 3, 2013

3. Don't stare at me..

Things that make you uncomfortable

Honestly, it's not hard to make me uncomfortable.
I get embarrassed easily.

Since there are so many things that make me uncomfortable, I'll make you a list. Why not?

1. Walking in front of a large crowd
     I danced for years, I did pageants, I played sports.. It never bothered me to do those things. But if I had to walk in a full gym with tons of people sitting in the bleachers.. forget it. I HATE doing that.
2. That awkward moment when someone says something and you didn't hear so you say "huh?" and they repeat it and you still don't know what they said 
     How embarrassing that all this person is trying to do is tell you something but your ears just don't want to process it so you have to sit there and pretend like you know what they said but in reality you have no clue
3. When someone has something in their teeth but you don't want to embarrass them
     So you sit there and argue with yourself about telling them. "Maybe I should. No maybe they'll see it. Jerika you know if something was in your teeth you'd want them to tell you. No I'm not saying anything!"
4. Hanging up on the phone with someone
     You know.. That moment when you both say bye but neither of you hang up so you sit and linger in awkward silence then someone says bye again and you still don't hang up. Ugh. I hate being the first to hang up
5. Public restrooms
    I normally don't use public restrooms just because of the general awkwardness that goes on in them. So uncomfortable. It was the hardest thing for me to adjust to when I was pregnant and had to pee every second of my life. I hate it when someone is in the next stall over and can hear everything going on on your end. Gag.

The list could go on and on but I'll spare you guys. Do any of these things make you uncomfortable too? Or am I just crazy?

See you tomorrow for Day 4!

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