Friday, April 26, 2013

Get That Momjo

In the words of Giuliana Rancic.. I gotta get my MOMJO!

I always wondered how new moms could just let themselves go. Now that I am a new mom I totally get it.

It's not about you anymore. It's all about the little human being that you worked ten whole months to create. It's all about how cute they look. Not how cute you look.
On top of having no desire to worry about what you are wearing you have to deal with the extra baby weight that you have left to lose. Nothing fits right. Your maternity clothes are too big.. Your pre pregnancy clothes won't even think about going over your thighs.
So I get it. It's easy to fall behind and kinda put yourself on the back burner.

What can you do to get out of this slump?
Well in my experience these things help....

1. Get out of the house!
 I make it a point to get out of the house as much as I can. When the only person that you hold a regular conversation with is a baby who can't speak back you might need a day out.

2. Put on clothes that don't have a yoga waist band
 Now I'm not going to lie.. Yoga pants are probably one of the greatest gifts to man kind but if you are wearing them daily you might need to rethink your situation. As comfy as those yoga pants are sometimes they need a break too.

3. Take the top knot off your head and actually brush your hair
I'm mega guilty of this one. Some days its just easier to throw your hair up in a bun and not worry about it for the rest of the day. But you'd be surprised how much better you feel just by running a brush through your hair
4. Go on a hot date with your hunny
Shane and I went on our first date after baby when Baylor was two weeks old. It was hard to leave him and I almost turned around to go back home about a million times but we needed the one on one time. Before I had Baylor I was pretty much a hermit because I felt so awful. It's easy to forget that your husband needs you just as much as your baby does.

5. Never forget that you are important too
     I get so caught up in what Baylor needs that I sometimes forget what I need. Its so hard for me to accept help when it comes to him. I'm his mama. I know what he needs. Someone else might now know what he needs and that scares me. But my advice is never turn down the help. Sometimes you just have to hand your little babe over for an hour or so to get a good nap or take a nice long bath. You deserve it! You work a fulltime job now

Now enough about us..
I'm going to leave you with this cuteness...
He turned 10 weeks old this week. Where did my tiny little 6 pound babe go?! 


  1. Love this post and your baby is so cute! :)

    I am your newest follower from Aloha hop and I am awarding you the lovely Liebster Award.
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    1. Thank you for checking me out and for the nomination! So sweet! What do I need to do?

    2. :) 1. Post 11 facts about yourself
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      The 11 questions from me are here :)


  2. i can relate.. i have a hard time getting going. five months down, and still have baby weight. i need to get it together.

    1. I'm almost 3 months pp and still have a longggggggg way to go! :( we can do it!!!!


    2. i crossfit and walk often, but it's not coming offfffff as fast as i want!

    3. Everyone told me if I breastfed the weight would just melt off.. They lied! Lol. It definitely helped a lot but wasn't the miracle to weightloss like everyone made it out to be. Haha

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