Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Stylish Little Lu Giveaway

I'm super excited to be teaming up with Stylish Little Lu for an amazing giveaway! I've been able to get to know the lady behind the brand and I must say, she is a doll to work with! I personally am all about customer service. I don't care how great your product, if you aren't personable and don't have good customer service I won't shop with you again. Diana surpasses all expectations when it comes to having excellent customer service. She is a total gem! I love being able to get to know the owners behind the business. We did a little Q&A so you could get a glimpse of what Stylish Little Lu is all about. 

Q: Tell us about yourself, your brand, and your product. 
A: My name is Diana and my joy in life is my amazing supportive husband and my beautiful daughter. We live in Tampa, fl and love the sun and the beach!
I started Stylish Little Lu in June and started small, just selling items from my little girls closet. Since I am a SAHM I didn't have much capital so every time I sold an item I took the few dollars I made to buy little bits of fabric. I am not super experienced at sewing but I just had fun with creating items for my Lu. When I finally perfected the headband design that I would be proud to call my own, I nervously posted it for my friends to see what they would think. When you create something with your heart and soul it is scary to put it out there to possibly hear that others might not think the same. When friends actually loved them I started to expand slowly. It's only been a few months and I am so surprised with the response, not only from friends but from these amazing Instagram moms that are now like family!
Q: What is your biggest inspiration when it comes to creating? 
A: I would say my greatest inspiration comes from my girl, Lucille Gray. She is my miracle, my heart and my life! Her quirky personality and vivacious spirit inspire me to be a better mom, role model and person! I wanted to find something comfortable and kind of funky to wear, still with a girly flair.
Q: What is something your customers may not know about you or your products? 
A: I don't think my customers know how humble of a start we really had. When I say we started with a few dollars... I mean $4! I sold a few items, stashed my $12 and bought my sliver of fabric. All items are made with love from my little sewing machine on my kitchen table. I take so much pride in my items so I want to make sure I make every single piece perfectly! I take my time sewing, packaging and sending it to you with lots of love.
Q: What are your biggest goals for your business? 
A: Goals... I have a lot of goals! I think that is important as a business owner. My biggest goal right now is to be able to contribute to my household. Maybe it's just groceries for a week or maybe pay for a family vacation. Or maybe it's Hawaii, I really want to go to Hawaii!!
Q: Do you have a motto you go by when it comes to your business? 
A: Two words: Work Hard! Simple and to the point 
Q: Do you have any advice for other small business owners? 
A: Advice to other business owners: follow my motto above. With hard work you can achieve anything. If my daughter learns anything from me, I want this to be it! Work hard sweet Lu, the sky is the limit!

I styled a couple of outfits to go with these knot headbands. There are so many ways that you can wear these headbands. I especially love that you can add a pop of color to any outfit with these. I used the same leggings in both outfits because you guys now how much I love versatility! 

Old navy sweater // Old navy leggings // Zara bluchers // Stylish Little Lu knot headband 

H&M jean shirt and tank // Old Navy leggings // Freshly Picked mocc // Stylish Little Lu knot headband 



The two styled headbands are up for grabs! All you have to do is enter below and follow ALL of the rules! 

1. Follow Everyday Bay on Bloglovin' and Facebook 
2. Visit Stylish Little Lu's shop on Instagram and tell me what your favorite headband is in the shop. 
3. Follow @everydaybay and @stylish_little_lu on Instagram and repost the giveaway photo tagging #everydaystylishgiveaway 
4. Comment below that you have completed each step. 


Thanks and good luck! 


  1. Okay girl I just did all of the steps! �� Thank you for this opportunity, I'm excited!

  2. Done and done! My fav headband is the houndstooth!

  3. Done!! My favorite headband is the mint chevron!!