Saturday, September 21, 2013

Top 5 Places

I haven't blogged in days! You guys should have told me how crazy your mind gets when your baby starts crawling. My little monster is everywhere. He is even trying to be brave and pull up on things. I'm hoping I'll be a little more at piece when he finds his balance and stops bumping his head on everything. I was seriously not prepared for this. 

Today we are suppose to talk about our top 5 places to shop for us or our children. 

I think you guys already know my top place to shop is Instagram. It's crazy that we have kind of built our own little culture within Instagram that is shopping. I know all moms love a good deal and its even better that we can sell our clothes in order to buy more. 

Other places we love are Gap, Target, Zara, and of course the smaller owned businesses. We are huge supporters of small businesses and I've always said the goal of this blog is to help spotlight and grow small businesses. Expect lots of brand spotlights after this blog challenge you guys! 

Where are your top 5 places to shop? 

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  1. Here's what tops my list...