Monday, September 9, 2013

The Best Advice

I'm not sure that I can say "on this day, at this time, this person gave me advice that stuck." I can say though that I grew up with everyone around me telling me the same thing. Always do what makes you happy. In everything I ever did I always had someone telling me that. And to this day I can honestly say that that has been instilled in me. I've always went by that motto. I think that's why my life has taking so many drastic turns and turned out far different from what I planned. I always go with my heart. If something makes me unhappy I immediately drop it. That can sometimes be a blessing and a curse. Mostly a blessing though.

I also got some pretty rad advice while I was pregnant. "Always blame your cravings on the unborn!" Ha! Best. Advice. Ever. Well for when you are pregnant anyways.

Link up your blogs using the tool below! I got it to work finally and I feel really dumb that I couldn't figure it out before. Working from an iPad has so serious cons. Xo


  1. i love that photo quote!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The best advice that I ever got was, in a situation where I am unsure of something, to ask myself...

    "If I love this, why am I questioning it?"

    It really applies to anything. If I have to ask myself, "am I being ungrateful?" Then yes, I probably am. "Am I being too forgiving?" Then yes, I probably am. In any situation where you are questioning something, the answer is obvious.