Thursday, July 18, 2013

Change up

I know we do a lot of tribal and moccasins but today I want to change things up a little bit for you guys. I know moccasins aren't everyone's "thing." There is just something about a baby in high tops that gets me. I love love love it. I could just eat him up when I dress him like this. 

Shirt Hello Apparel // Pants old but from baby gap girls section (yeah I put my boy in girl pants. Whatever.) // Shoes The Children's Place // Bibdana Drooly Scrumptious

In other news Baylor has mastered rolling to his tummy. So now I'm spending the majority of my day chasing my roly poly down. I'm officially terrified of him crawling. Trying to take these outfit pictures are no fun task either. At the end of the day I enjoy it though. I know these days are fleeting and next thing I know I'll be sending him off to college. Ugh. 

More outfits coming soon! I'm going to do some girl posts in the near future so get excited all you mamas to girls! 



  1. Question - what size is his hello shirt?? they don't have the 6-12month available and Im not sure about the 3-6 month. Im due in 6 weeks and wanted him to be able to wear it actually up to 6 months.. any suggestions on size??

    1. It's 3-6 months. Baylor is 5 months and 14 lbs. he has growing room in this shirt for sure. I tucked it under him for the pictures sake Congrats on the new baby!

    2. Thanks! my other 2 are 5&8 so I haven't had to buy the smaller clothes in awhile and its like I forgot all about the sizing lol. BUt this was helpful and I will go and order now!!
      ps: I love your style & how you dress your little man, i just want his wardrobe for mine. Everyone has been giving me crap for wanting to buy leggings & any kind of tribal prints for my new little guy!! I am like hello its called style maybe you should get some!!