Friday, May 10, 2013

10. Embarrassed

I skipped yesterday. How embarrassing. No but really I had my niece and my baby both acting crazy on me yesterday. And if I had posted a moment of my day it probably would have been a baby who wouldn't get off the boob.. A toddler peeing on the couch.. Or spilled Gatorade on my white carpet. All of which I'm sure you don't care to see. So lets just skip ahead to today's prompt....

Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill

I've been thinking about this all day. Something embarrassing that has happened to me that is mildly entertaining and nothing comes to mind. Why you may ask? Well I'm the type of person that gets embarrassed pretty easily and when something embarrassing does happen to me I basically file it way back in the back of my brain under "never think about this again."

Now I'm trying to dig really deep and a few things have came to mind. It's all pretty lame so brace yourself. So lets begin.

The time I got pantsed (if thats even how you spell it) in junior high. The most awkward time in your life. Not to mention it was in front of all of my classmates. And... I was wearing granny panties. Facepalm.

My softball team was in the playoffs and we were warming up before an inning. I was so nervous that  I wayyyyyy overthrew the ball and it hit the top of the opposing teams dug out. And everyone was staring at me. And laughing............

The time I almost fell off a ski lift in Colorado and they had to stop the whole thing to come rescue me. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. The walk of shame I endured after that.. I want to puke just thinking about it.

There was one more story I was going to share but I had to delete it because I just can't type it out and proof it. That would mean living it over in my head more than once and I just can't. Haha.

Now I'm going to go take a hot bath and try to not think about these things again for a while.


  1. Hello Jerika I could imagine how embarrased you were all your face all red jajaja, but don't worry I also had that experienced when I used to work in a restaurant and my ex boyfriend came in one day and I was sooo nervious because I was all dressed in pijamas that day bcuz All of my clothes were in my house in another state, I just came that day to help out my friend at the restaurant, but well it happens you know, then I got to take his order and he just looked at me from toes to head, I felt my face all hot jaja, I just ran out of the restaurant without saying a word jaja,, loved your blog of the day it made me laugh for a while , hope you have a happy mothers day ;)

  2. Happy Mother's Day on Sunday.

    I loved this post. It made me smile. "A baby who wouldn't get off the boob." Hahaha. Ooh man that greedy tyke.

    Your embarassing moments are really cute. I almost fell off a ski lift too when I was younger. Not fun.

    I hope the hot bath helped.

  3. OMG I am sooo like you...something embarrassing happens.....REPRESS IT IMMEDIATELY.

    Can definitely relate to constantly nursing baby too. I think the day I finally quit nursing and pumping was the day it really hit me how much time/effort/energy/work/personal space is invaded during that whole time :))