Monday, April 29, 2013

My non-green thumb

It was a crazy weekend at the Welch household..

Shane and I decided to be super fancy and landscape the yard. All I can say is never again. Shane is on his own next time.

Between the Louisiana heat, Baylor acting a fool, and my indecisive husband I was so ready to see Monday roll around.

We basically had no idea what we were doing. We ended up with 4 plants that we couldn't even plant because of the amount of sunlight that they would get. Either way I'm pretty sure they are already dead.

At one point I came inside the house to nurse Baylor and come back outside to see that Shane had went and dug up an oak tree out of the woods and planted it in the yard. And I'm not talking about a little tree. I'm talking about. 30 ft high, massive tree.

Anyways about 50 plants, lots of money, and two days later we now have a beautiful yard. Lets just see how long it is before we have to get back out there and dig it up because its all dead.


  1. Beautiful flowers! And you have ducks? Too cool! When I was a teen I always tried convincing my parents to let me have ducks. It never worked out.


  2. Loving those hydrangeas, they are my favorite! And those ducks, how cool is that! I'm going to have to show my husband that because that is what he is wanting to do this weekend. I normally just come in the house about an hour into it! hehe. New follower :)
    xo jess