Wednesday, March 13, 2013

One month

Whew! Today my little Baylor Jude is one month old! Where has the time gone?! This has been the best month of our lives. We are finally getting in our grove and learning how to be parents.. Shane is doing so great and is such a good daddy. I love them both with all of my being.

For all the new mamas or mamas to be out there.. Here are a few things that we've absolutely loved in our first month:

Snuga Monkey Cradle n' Swing  -- This thing saves my life! I saw a few bad reviews about this swing but so far we love it. It plugs in so you don't have to fuss with batteries. Swings two different ways and is perfect to keep Bay occupied when Mama has things to do around the house. He will literally sit in this for HOURS!
Tommee Tippee Nipple shields -- Kind of weird I know.. But these were a life saver for us. I really wanted to breast feed but my guy had a really hard time latching. If it weren't for these I probably would have gave up. We also use the Tommee Tippee bottles and so far I have no complaints about those either. He has no problem switching from the bottle to nursing.
Summer Infant Swaddle Pods -- These are great for late night swaddling. You just put the baby in and zip it up. You don't have to worry about if the swaddle is tight enough or if the baby's arms are tucked in right. I highly recommend these bad boys! I love them.
Little Hipsqueaks Hats and Baby Blankets  -- I found out the hard way that stylish little boy clothes are hard to come by.. I'm obsessed with this etsy shop! They have some pretty rad hats, leggings, and blankets for boys and some mega cute stuff for girls as well. The fabric is 100% organic and in modern prints. A little pricey but worth every penny in my book!

A few other things that don't need tags.. Pamper Swaddlers have worked great for us so far. Zip up sleepers are a must have. I bought a pack of cloth diapers and those have come in mega handy to just have around the house to wipe up spit up and what not. And Little Remedies Gripe Water!!! Baylor has a sensitive tummy and the gripe water has pretty much saved our lives.
Hope these few things come in handy for some new mamas out there as well.
Now to leave you with this cuteness..

One Month:

Likes-- Eating, sleeping, pooping, and bath time, sleeping on daddy's chest, spitting up on mommy, making mean faces, snuggling all day
Dislikes-- being naked, getting his diaper changed, being good while mommy is trying to get things done, and laying alone

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